About Ashley


Ashley is a believer, idealist, writer, creative, educator/community builder and true ENFP personality. 

She is the creator of Temple & Riot, a site dedicated wholly to spiritual and creative empowerment for young women; co-host of the #blkcreatives Faith Twitter Chat; and Communications & Campus Programs Coordinator at Black Women's Blueprint, a civil and human rights nonprofit based in Brooklyn, New York. Ashley's motto:

In pursuit of revelation and evolution

has guided her into the eye of the most beautiful storm - equal parts her passions, her dreams, and her career path. She seeks to build stronger, healthier and more transparent communities of freedom for people of faith, students, women and girls of color by creating and curating honest content and conversation.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. --- Albert Camus

Freedom looks differently for different people. For some it's literacy. For others it's visibility. And for many others simple access is freedom. It is not static; it is a live, evolving state of being and Ashley is hell bent on participating in that evolution for the future of the communities she serves and of which she is a part.

As Communications and Campus Programs Coordinator for Black Women's Blueprint and a Faculty Member for the Institute of Gender and Cultural Competency Ashley creates content and implements strategies  for the uplifting, visibility, education, and leadership of Black women and girls as we have been historically and disproportionately brutalized and systemically silenced. She interfaces with students, faculty and staff about how to create safer campuses, and co-create space with students, faculty and staff through workshop/training facilitation, assisting them in their process to become more conscious and active in arresting and preventing gender-based violence through an anti-oppressive, culturally specific, and trauma-informed lens.

As an English educator she advocates for students who have been left behind, taught how to test but not how to engage with words, ideas, application, or one another. Ashley enjoys supplying students with the tools necessary to bolster literacy and dismantle oppression and injustice in an education system that largely seems content with maintaining the status quo.

As a writer and creative, Ashley is deeply passionate about building and contributing to spaces to tell truths often choked back and the stories of the marginalized in innovative ways whether through the written word, film, social media or other creative avenues.

The function of freedom is to free someone else. --- Toni Morrison